Schools Teach Business Management...

Entrepreneurship is NOT Business Management

Most Business Schools Focus Entirely on Business Administration...

MBA anyone?

Master in Business Administration, does it "ring the bell?"

We’re Radically Different...
We Teach Entrepreneurship!

What is #BeBusinessSmart all about? Is this for me?

a) If you want to learn how to "run" a business...
This is NOT for you.

Tip: Save your money, go to the "kingdom of academic theory" by simply googling "era of courses," and well, good luck:)

b) If you want to learn how to BUILD a business, then yes, this is for you!

c) If you want to learn just the same, old, boring basics of how to start a business...
This is NOT for you!

Tip: Save your money find free lessons on YouTube or that cheap "Ur-dummy" place, and well, good luck:)

d) If you believe in passive learning, expecting to sit there overthinking and with NO actions...
This is NOT for you!

Tip: Entrepreneurship is learned from mentors and mastered by DOING. Better spend your money learning outdated Industrial Age indoctrination practices and become a master following instructions.

e) If you want to learn how to think and act like an entrepreneur, this is for you!

Entrepreneurs are scarce.

Business managers are abundant.

Don’t confuse these radically different skills.

Welcome and get ready to #BeBusinessSmart 🚀

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